• High standard

    Zhongyuan Group provides products that fully comply with CE / LVD and UL certification. CE certification is a safety certification mark, also a mandatory certification mark. CE stands for European Unity  and  it is regarded as a passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market. UL certification is a non-compulsory certification in the United States, which helps reduce and prevent loss of life and property, and also plays an active role in promoting the development of international trade.

  • High quality

    Zhongyuan provides customers with high-quality products. Doing the 100% high voltage test to check the voltage resistance of the power adapter; the long-working test to check the service life of the product; adopting various advanced test equipment to create high-quality products suitable for different regions by simulating transportation conditions and weather conditions

  • High technology

    Zhongyuan Group owns the leading and the most professional anechoic chamber and sets up a full set of advanced testing systems and equipment to meet the test requirements of 5G communication radiation parameters, circuit parameters, and environmental reliability and other related  projects.

  • Charities

    Zhongyuan group, as a company with a strong sense of social responsibility which has already been integrated "Serve the society and Repay the society" into the enterprise's thoughts and actions. Zhongyuan has actively organized various forms of donation activities and has been involved in many charity projects such as helping the poor,  poverty alleviation, and school assistance over the years. Zhongyuan has made positive contributions to social welfare.

  • Summer Camp

    Zhongyuan actively organizes and participates in the "Rulin Love, Happy Growth" sunshine summer camp, which aims to improve children's team awareness and teamwork ability, expands children's horizons and enhances children's sense of honor and belonging to Jiujiang.

  • Humanistic care

    Pleasant working environment -- located in No.3 Science Park Jiujiang Town, Nanhai, the  warm climate and tidy office environment provide a comfortable working environment for our members.

    Standardized management system -- executing the rules and the regulations of SEDEX and BSCI, ensuring the legal rights of our members in the system, and guaranteeing the basic rights, such as employee labor employment, labor compensation, rest and vocation, safety and health and etc..

    Rich leisure activities -- Basketball games, tug-of-war games, mountaineering and other group activities will be held to create a harmonious atmosphere and enhance the sense of belonging of employees to the enterprise.

  • Personnel recruitment

    Continue to organize enterprise employees to go out for training and internal training, build a stage for the growth and progress of employees, encourage employees to have multiple skills, and become a compound talent that meets the requirements of the times.

  • Environment Protection

    Zhongyuan Group is always a leader in green development, which implements strict material control measures, rigorous production processes, and fully implement cleaner production. Strictly abide by the RoHS and REACH Certification in Europe, the Prop65 in US and other relevant environmental laws and regulations.

  • Energy conservation

    Energy conservation is not only the care of the earth's resources, but also related to our personal interests. Zhongyuan Group is choosing the energy-saving and efficient production process to reduce waste and to materializes the energy conservation in daily production and operation activities.

  • Industry standards

    Zhongyuan Group carries out its daily work by executing the rules and the regulations of SEDEX and BSCI, and other relevant environmental laws and regulations.