• Career Development

    Zhongyuan Group is now preparing to establish Zhongyuan Science and Technology Innovation Park. The park is positioned to create a new generation of communications, AI, Internet of Things, Edge Computing, Industrial Internet, 5G / 6G industrial agglomeration, smart city, and life services. The first-stage battlefield is over 100 acres, with a total construction of over 100,000 square meters. Relying on the strength accumulated by zhongyuan technology in the past 40 years, the park takes 5G + AloT application as its development direction, accelerates the industrial cluster by introduction, cultivation and incubation of industries, forms a 5G smart industrial park with a leading role in the Guangdong - Hongkong - Macao Greater Bay Area, and becomes a new generation of smart innovation elites to create an intelligent future and enjoy the beautiful life yearning.